“It is important to do a regular maintenance check on your sprinklers. If sprinklers are not kept in good working condition, they can waste water as well as have detrimental effects on your landscape.”

Helpful Hints for Irrigation

How to Save on Water Usage

Turn clocks off during rainy weather. Once rain has stopped, wait until the ground begins to dry (this may take 2-3 days) before returning to your regular watering schedule. This translates to big savings on your water bill and it also helps to sustain our local water source!

Automatic rain sensors are also available – call today to have one of our irrigation specialist to install yours properly! For more information on Rain Sensors, click the PDF below:

All About Rain Sensors

Click on the link below to access a general watering schedule that will help you conserve water and keep your lawn looking healthy!

General Watering Schedule

Irrigation Services

  • Detect potential problems that help you prevent water waste, water runoff, & sprinkler damage
  • Adjust clocks for seasonal irrigation needs; saving you more water overall
    • The less water you use, the more money you save!
    • Efficient water usage preserves natural resources and promotes the sustainability of our local water source
  • Save Money: Whether you pay for city water or spend electricity running a pump, the money you save over time will more than pay for the rain sensor!
  • Prolong the Life of Your Irrigation System: A rain sensor can reduce wear to your system because it runs only when necessary.
  • Reduce Nutrient Loss & Disease Damage: Over-watering causes nutrients to wash away from turf, requiring increased applications of fertilizer. It also retards deep root growth and increases lawn susceptibility to disease. In fact, over-watering has been called the most common cause of disease in turf.
  • Conserve Municipal Water: By preventing unnecessary irrigation after rain events, rain sensors help ensure water availability for emergencies, such as firefighting, especially during the peak summer months.

Let our professional irrigation technicians start up your sprinkler systems in the spring, check for potential winter damage,  and adjust for proper coverage!

  • Keeps your system operating efficiently
  • We are proud to use Auto Rain and Horizon irrigation parts
  • Let our professional irrigation technicians winterize your sprinkler systems for safe sprinkler dormancy over the winter time
  • Proper sprinkler winterization keeps pipes from freezing and breaking during the winter months
  • Great for proper watering of your trees!
  • Great for shrub and flower beds!

Let us help make your sprinkler system more efficient and effective!

Let us help you get the new sprinkler system you deserve! No more manual watering with new and efficient sprinkler heads and timers!