Greenleaf Landscaping is proud to have received an Environmental Landscape award in 2008 for maintenance of the Riverside Court Townhomes; a site that is rich with lush flowers. Our experienced Horticulturists take great pride in their work and creativity while creating new flower beds and great care in maintaining established and cherished ones.

***To read the published article detailing this award, please click on this link: WALP Riverside Court Townhouses
***To read other published articles detailing awards for other sites we maintain click this link: WALP Article Quail Ridge


We can design containers that are existing or that we provide to take you through the seasons!!!
Late Spring-Summer we plant vibrant annuals, accent grasses and beautiful trailing perennials.
Late Summer-Autumn we plant flowering kales, fall mums, fun perennials and accent grasses.
Winter-Early Spring we supply decorative birch/willow branches(or similar) lit up by LED lights to provide a warm glow to get you through the frost and snow!
Prices vary depending on container size, plant sizes, maintenance, ect.
Contact one of our horticulture specialists for more information.




Annual Flower Programs

Proper installation of plants

  • Drought-tolerant plants such as Daylillies, bulbs, and other native flowers
  • Increasing the use of native plants in landscape design reduces the risk from invasive species and helps bolster the wild native plant populations – keeping our ecosystem balanced!
  • Some common plants that are native to the Northwest are: Douglas Fir, Quaking Aspen, Vine Maple, Red Twig Dogwood, Oregon Grape, Spirea, Goldenrod, and many more!

Includes weeding, deadheading, fertilizing, insect control, etc

Remove annuals at the end of the year and recycle them

Shrub Bed Services

  • Weeding and light trimming
  • Maintaining perennials and bulbs
  • Monitoring for pest, disease, and water needs
  • Includes a pre-emergent weed application and follow-ups to ensure weed-free shrub beds throughout the year

We can help renovate your tired beds by installing new plants and fresh bark or we can spruce it up with new edging or borders!

Save money and the environment by choosing recycled bark to be installed in your shrub beds!